Sam Jones Wood-Fired Whole Hog BBQ

Sam Jones is the third generation to cook traditional whole hog barbecue at Skylight Inn in Ayden, NC. Sam’s family opened Skylight Inn in 1947 with a very humble beginning. Since then they have always stayed true to what has made them what they are, a standard bearer for wood cooked eastern NC style barbecue.

Skylight Inn, as well as Sam, have been mentioned among the greats when it comes to legendary barbecue joints and pitmasters in many publications, and as well on several TV shows. In 2012 Sam was named as one of the “Top Ten Pitmasters in the South” by Southern Living. The greatest honor was bestowed upon Skylight Inn iin 2003 when the Jones family were honored with a James Beard award for  “Americas Classics”.

Sam Jones BBQIn the fall of 2015 Same Jones BBQ opened in Winterville, NC. It’s a new restaurant but with all the indicators of traditional BBQ. From the smell of the smokehouse to the freshness of the food, you’ll know this is the future of eastern NC BBQ.

Same is passionate about barbecue, and what it means in his family. More importantly, Sam is known for being an honest, hard working guy who loves people, loves his hometown, and loves what he does

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The Seahorse Restaurant was founded in 2010 by Danny Smith and his wife Kathy. It is several restaurants rolled up into to one: a great breakfast spot serving old-fashioned cheese biscuits and homemade sausage, an affordable lunch buffet café featuring a menu that changes every day, at night the Seahorse becomes a “ top of the line” STEAK & SEAFOOD destination. Prime Beef is the only beef served, and you’ll taste the difference!

Did I mention the cakes? They have a bakery in house serving EIGHT different varieties of homemade cakes daily.


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