Jerry Dilsaver
Captain Jerry Dilsaver / Fishing Captain

Captain Jerry Dilsaver grew up on the Southport, NC waterfront. His father fostered a love of fishing at an early age. Captain Dilsaver has gone on to become an accomplished angler and prolific outdoor writer. He continues to pen outdoor articles for magazines around the country. When you attend a seminar given by Capt. Dilsaver, expect to learn a lot of When’s, Where’s, What’s, How’s, and Why’s. His knowledge is based on over 30 years of recreational fishing, 20 years of tournament fishing and more than 20 years of instructing fishing in various formats. After competing in king mackerel tournaments for 20 years and leading his crew to a Southern Kingfish Association National Championship in 2001 and US Anglers Association Angler of the Year honors in 1998, Capt. Dilsaver became interested in kayak fishing and in 2010 was selected to become a member of the Hobie Kayaks Fishing Team for the Southeast US.