Perry Bagley / Hunting

Perry G Bagley grew up just outside of Sunbury in Gates County, NC. He started hunting with a pellet gun when he was 5 years old and moved up to a .22 when he turned 9. His mom would give him 5 bullets and he would go behind the house and hunt in the field and woods behind their home, coming back with squirrels, and rabbits, then his first whitetail when he was 12. His father co- owned the local John Deere dealership so this got him permission to hunt a lot of farmland. He started bow hunting when he was 14 and got his first deer with a bow at age 16. He started trapping when he was 14, this really helped with his outdoor knowledge and tracking animals. Deer hunting has always been his main passion. As he grew older he ventured out to other states and Canada, either hunting on his own or booking guides. He has taken over 12 animals (free range) that have made different record books over the years. He has been on some great hunts, and been stung by outfitters on others. His talk with give you several pointers on different things to look into when planning a hunt outside your area, followed by a question and answer session.