Walter “Deet” James / Hunting Heritage Biologist for the NCWRC

Walter “Deet” James is the Hunting Heritage Biologist for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission; a position he’s held since 2008. Deet grew up in east central Pennsylvania and was introduced to hunting and fishing by an uncle. After nearly 25 years in the manufacturing industry, Deet’s passion for the outdoors led him to pursue a career in wildlife and currently dedicates his time both personally and professionally to maintaining the hunting culture.
When not working, Deet spends available free time preparing both physically and mentally for future deer and turkey hunts having a passion for large tracks of public land in multiple states. Deet dislikes the term “expert” believing there’s no such thing. As he puts it, “by gaining knowledge and experience over time, hunters never stop learning. When it comes to turkey hunting, for example, Deet’s quick to point out that there are no experts in the turkey woods “the turkey is the teacher, we are the student and the lessons never end. If you don’t believe that, you’ve not been hunting turkeys for very long!”